About Us

Our Vision

Here at Law4Startups, we know all too well how difficult and costly it can be to access legal help when starting a business, and we believe these obstacles serve only to disenfranchise people already struggling to make ends meet. Our small team, now a handful of entrepreneurs and lawyers, is working hard to change that by helping anyone & everyone gain legal literacy and download templates essential to growing their business.

The inspiration came when our Founder, Liam Gill, was building his own first startup and unable to find quality, affordable legal counsel. This posed a massive problem for the business, displacing a large fraction of its funding towards simple legal tasks and documents.

We strongly believe that the world would be a better place if everyone had the opportunity to pursue their goals and bring their visions to life. Too many incredible projects have withered before having a chance to blossom due to a lack of funds and resources. Our hope is that our tools will bring you one step closer to making your business a success, and that no small business suffers that fate in the future.

Our Team

Our team is composed of qualified attorneys, supervised law students, and non-practicing legal graduates with in-depth knowledge of the technology industry. With over two decades of combined legal experience, our team members have founded venture backed startups, worked as software engineers for major corporations, and been special advisors to startups in cutting-edge fields including AI, Blockchain and Cloud Infrastructure. This unique overlap of backgrounds and interests posit us as a valuable tool for burgeoning small businesses.



Liam Gill

Liam Gill is an entrepreneur with an LLB Laws from Durham University and a Global Professional Masters of Law from the University of Toronto, a top 10 globally ranked law school. He previously founded Fumarii Technologies, ranked as a top 5 emerging technology company by Yahoo Finance, and named a top 20 cloud computing service provider, which placed his work in an elite tier alongside Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Liam also holds a Masters of Science and, in March 2020, launched the first mobile application for Covid-19 tracking approved by both Apple and Google. Liam has committed to providing free tools and resources to lower new entrepreneurs’ barriers, using his legal background to help startup founders. The result: Law4Startups. 

Chief Development Officer

Nick Nesbitt

Nick studied Political Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He then went on to receive an M.Sc. in Sustainability and an LL.M. in International Law at Durham University. Cultivated by these experiences his interests lie in how public policy, business, and technology can come together to develop communities in a sustainable, and equitable manner.

Chief Strategy Officer

Marcel Dupuy d'Angeac

A recent graduate of Brown University’s International Relations Program, Marcel has worked with several nonprofits and advocacy groups on the East Coast, focusing mainly on issues of housing reform and healthcare accessibility. Since September, he has been helping Law4Startups gain momentum through online marketing and client outreach, looking for partners that share our vision of economic justice and accessibility for all.

Content Writing & Editing

Maria Samson

Maria, a graduate of New York Law School, is pursuing a career in intellectual property and privacy compliance. Not only is she passionate about helping creatives with their legal issues, she has also worked with technology startups in navigating the new data privacy frontier. On the side, Maria is also a certified yoga teacher and avid traveler. 

Griffin McShane

Griffin is an IAPP Certified Privacy Professional (CIPP/US), OneTrust Certified Privacy Management Professional (OTCP), a freelance web & mobile app developer, and a relentless learner. He received his undergraduate degree from Providence College in Rhode Island, where he studied both computer science and business. Since, he has been pursuing a J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law, looking to gain a deeper understanding of technology and law to facilitate pragmatic and actionable solutions. Griffin’s current focus areas include technology, privacy, intellectual property, compliance, risk management, legal & business affairs, fintech, and blockchain. 

Austin McHale

Austin is a Senior at Brown University majoring in Neuroscience and English. While growing up in DC area he became passionate about politics and the law, and with Law4Startups he combines that passion with an experience in writing and research as a content writer.

Kamran King

Kamran is a rising Senior at Brown University concentrating in International Relations and Economics who is keenly interested in the law. Through leadership positions at campus publications, he has gained expertise in producing and editing content, especially for online audiences.

Our Marketing Team

Social Media Marketer

Elsa Dupuy d'Angeac

Elsa is a junior at Wesleyan University majoring in Science in Society and minoring in History. Through her involvement in student groups advocating for sexual health awareness, Elsa gained experience in graphic design and social media strategies.

Graphic Designer and Web Developer

Chloé de Montgolfier

Chloé is a French undergraduate student studying Film and Photography at Wesleyan University. The past couple of months, she has worked on developing several digital platforms, including the Law4Startups website.

Social Media & Partnership Manager 

Samantha Wald

Samantha, a rising senior at Brown University, is concentrating in organizational studies. Over the past few years, she has had a chance to explore many different industries and interests, including local government, the non-profit sector, and the private sector. Samantha is passionate about using her business skills in development and marketing to help grow Law4Startups reach in order to help more startups and small businesses.