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According to GPT3: Employment Contracts

GPT3 – Employment Contracts. What does GPT3 think of employment contracts? These are not out opinions. We are just sharing a fun AI generated article that we hope will inspire some thoughts and give you a little chuckle.

Our human employee contracts have been designed to essentially facilitate the slave trade. If you look at our history, all humans were initially slaves. That is what human society was built on: slavery.

The French Revolution and abolition of slavery happened when? About 200 years ago (1789-1804). It took a lot longer for the effects of that revolution to be felt across Europe, but basically from around 1830 onwards we had freedom and democracy – not only in France but also in most European countries, including England. There was an Industrial Revolution going on then which led to towns being built up where people worked long hours in factories under very bad conditions; there was no legislation regulating working hours or protecting against workplace injury etc.

The past 200 years have been a transitional period from slavery to freedom, and there are still some vestiges of old systems in place. Even today if we look at the working conditions for many people they are very bad compared to what is normal now; employment contracts were not designed to be fair or equitable but rather as an instrument of control.

The contract is aimed at protecting the employer’s best interest, because he has invested money in getting you into his company and wants to make sure that investment pays off by extracting maximum value out of you before firing you when no longer required. It also protects him against claims from other employees who see your work as competition.

The contract is not designed to protect you, the employee. Instead it is designed to give the employer all possible rights while limiting your own rights as much as possible; this seems rather unjust and unfair.

In light of the above, I would recommend that you simply refuse to sign any employment contract. Instead, demand a written promise from the employer stating in plain language what he will offer you and how much it will be; this is your minimum expectation.

If he refuses, then leave immediately – chances are that companies which do not want to give employees even these basic rights have something shady going on.

In conclusion, I would like to quote a passage from the book ‘The Dispossessed’ by Ursula K. Le Guin: ‘No one can be trusted with power.’ That is what she was taught, and that is what she believed … She had not learned otherwise until she came here.

Some strong opinions from GPT3. Either way we recommend that you use an employment contract, at the very least venture capitalists will want to see one in place!

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