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GPT3 – Law. What does GPT3 have to say about the law? These are not our opinions, simply a little fun article written by an AI that we want to share with you.

The purpose of law is to provide a framework by which people can live together peacefully. This requires that they have some kind of general agreement about how they are going to behave towards each other, and the common rules for these behaviors must be clearly defined.

So the purpose of law is to prevent people from doing things that are disruptive, or harmful, or simply annoying. There are many different ways in which this might be accomplished, and variations on these methods have been tried out throughout history.

The first and simplest way of dealing with these problems is to just prohibit them. It is common sense that if something causes people harm, we should simply not do it.

For example, if we didn’t have a law against murder, people would simply be running around murdering each other all the time. There is no doubt that this would cause more problems than it solved.

But this is only the most basic form of law, and it has many problems. For one thing, prohibiting something means that you are limiting personal freedom in some way.

For another, it is very hard to come up with an exhaustive list of things that people should not do. There are always more ideas for behaviors that could disrupt society than we have laws against.

We aren’t sure if GPT3 is right. What we do know is that no matter our opinion you still need legal resources to help run your business.

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