Free Startup Perks

At Law4Startups we are trying to build a community. And what is the best part of being a part of a community? The support and love you get from fellow community members that want you to succeed. We all know that being a startup isn’t easy. But we are trying to make it easier. Hence, along with our free templates, newsletters, and blawgs, we are also offering you some free startup perks from some of the best companies in the world. These perks include 90% off Hubspot, $20,000 from Google Cloud, and many more. Click Here to check them out!

Note that to access our perks you will need to register for our site. This is a quick and simple process that just requires email verification. If you have not yet registered, we definitely recommend checking out our free legal templates, newsletters, and blawgs. We are certain that these will help you to save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

We have not personally tried all of the companies that we offer perks for. By offering them to you we are simply trying to help you lower your startup costs. Please ensure that you do your research before choosing to work with one or more of these companies. There are pros and cons to any service and we hope that you will take the time to fully understand those before entering into any agreements.

If you have any issues accessing the perks please reach out to us. On your behalf, we will contact our connections at these businesses and get back to you with answers.

In the coming weeks and months as we grow and become more connected we will be adding more perks. If there is a specific company or service that you require please let us know and we will do our best to assist you!

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