Startup Founder – Liam Gill

Liam Gill is a startup founder with Fumarii Technology. Fumarii was once ranked as a top 5 emerging technology company by Yahoo Finance. Additionally, it was named a top 20 cloud computing service provider. This placed it an elite tier with Microsoft, Google and Amazon. He served as the CEO of Fumarii for over 2.5 years. Before resigning, Liam raised three rounds of finance growing the companies valuation to over $30M USD.

Startup Founder Liam Gill

While CEO of Fumarii, Liam could not find quality, affordable legal counsel. This was a massive problem for the company. It cost Fumarii 10% of it’s pre-seed round to cover legal fees. This was simply too much!

Liam has decided to use his legal background to help startup founders. The result: Law4Startups. This site aims to assist startup founders in making their visions a reality while removing costs.

Liam holds an LLB Laws from Durham University in the UK and is currently working towards becoming a practicing lawyer in both the US and Canada. In addition to his legal degrees he also hold and MSc Management. Furthermore, Liam is also the founder of Swiff UK where he built a mobile application to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Nowadays, Liam has committed to providing free tools and resources to lower barriers for new entrepreneurs. As part of this mission he is a writer for

His tip: Our Blog will always give you a good laugh (AI written) or useful information (Human written). Check if out when you have spare time!!! If you need specific templates feel free to contact our team and we will do our best to get them to you.

He hopes that you will maximize this resource. If you need contact Liam please use the links below. He is happy to help any startup founder!